Musician / Producer

Louis J. Pinto, a child prodigy percussionist and a renowned name in the Pakistani music industry. Born and raised in Karachi Pakistan, Louis, who’s also known as Gumby belongs to a Christian Goan community. He grew up around a very vibrant but small community, which he believes gave him that space to explore and sketch a bigger picture for himself as a musician.

He has been a very integral part in shaping the Pakistani music scene since the past two decades. Bringing his skill, creativity and communication to his fellow musicians and audiences all over. He states, it were the difficult times that shaped up his motto to “learn to grow where you’re planted”. With lack of information at the time and limited resources with instruments, he believes it taught him to be focused and determined.

He was seen and heard playing music is small music outfits like the church choir, hotel lobbies and wedding bands during the late eighties/early nineties. Louis started touring the world and session playing for pop/rock bands since the age of thirteen.

Moving on from live performances, Louis got an opportunity to put down his music on tape for the first time in the mid nineties. Since then he has never looked back in his recording career. Despite the lack of recording studios in the country at the time, Louis started out a trend of recording live drums in mainstream music. Having over twenty albums to his credit and several television performances over the years, Louis is undoubtedly the most highly recorded musician in the country. He has worked with the who’s who of the music industry and has also extended his horizons to other parts of the world. From hotel lobbies, to festivals to album recordings, Louis has always been open to exploring ideas, concepts and learning opportunities. He believes that this gift was merely to inspire.
Louis now runs a recording facility where he not only works on his own productions, but also welcomes musicians from different parts of the world and encourages the younger generation to come and experience the world of music and capture it.



" Uth Records "

Meekal Hassan Band


Jal The Band


Abbas Premjee - Elements

Meekal Hassan Band



LJP Studios is a dream facility that is meant to be shared by all musicians. Over the past few years, the studio has recorded musicians from Taimur Tajik to Ali Azmat to the Ufone Uth Records projects, a variety of Jingles, scoring projects and Voice overs. The space was created keeping the artist's perspective in mind. LJP Studios is equipped to record individuals or single take band performances. There are tons of gear and instruments (see list below) to choose from while capturing "that magic moment" in the studio. The concept of the studio was to give the musician a comfortable, and that technological edge they require when recording their masterpiece. The studio has a variety of lyricists, arrangers, composers, folk and modern instrumentalists to offer too. Please feel free to browse through the site and do visit often for updates here.

The Microphones we use:
Sennheiser MD-421 X 3
Sennheiser e906
Shure Beta 91
Shure Beta 52
Shure Beta 57
Shure Beta 98DS X 3
Shure SM 57 X 3
Shure KSM-137 X 2
Neumann TLM 103
Neumann KM 185 x 2
Neumann U87
Rode Variable K2
Rode NT-5
CAD e300 x 2
Audix D6 Sub Impulse
Audix D2 X 3
Audix D4 x 2
Audix i5
Yamaha Subkick

Guitar & Bass Amplifiers:
Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special 2x12
Peavey Vintage Solid State Amplifier 2x12
Jazz Chorus JC-120
With a range of plugins available if needed with a few boutique foot pedals
A choice of a 4x10 Marshall combo Bass Amplifier or a 1x10

Novation Impulse 61 keys Midi Controller.
Fender Rhodes MK1 88 keys

There's a choice of 2 distinct sounding drum sets,
DW Collectors series Maple or a Tama Starclassic Exotix-2 Limited Edition
LJP Studios has a wide variety of cymbals (30+) and snares (8) to choose from.
There is also a lot of percussion to choose ranging from shakers to bongos
to whistles.

LJP Studios facilitates Electric and Acoustic Guitars if needed too.
Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar
Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar
Taylor Acoustic Guitars
A Full Metal Resonator
An Acoustic Bass Guitar
A Fender Jazz Electric Bass Guitar (4 String)
A Warwick Thumb (BO) (4 String)

The Control Room is well constructed for the discerning ears. There is a choice of two different monitoring setups (Focal Twin 6Be & Genelec 1030A).
It is equipped with a fully automated mixing console that integrates with the DAW and of comes with a series industry standard DSP plugins. Apart from that there is also hardware (Outboard) gear to choose from. At the moment I am in the process of upgrading this section of the studio but still have a range of Preamps and Equalizers to offer. All analogue to digital conversion is through top grade AD/DA converters.
The facility uses Quad shielded cables (Mogami) with gold plated connectors.
All digital and analogue equipment runs through battery power for stability and high voltage
components and further runs through very high quality power conditioners.

Apart from the above, the studio also serves great tea and sometimes depending on the cook's mood, a great Pakistani cuisine meal :)

For more information on how you can rent out the facility please email me details on the nature of your project and will get back to you with costs and availability.